Our History

           Rostad Memorial High School was initially established at Lakhipur (Assam) in 1928 by Rev. Rostad as Dinwidie Memorial Bible School. In the year 1930, the school was relocated to Old Churachand (also Known as Mission Compound), when the North East India General Mission (NEIGM) shifted its headquarters from Lakhipur to Old Churachand, Manipur. At that time the school imparted education only up to Class VII level. During the World War II, the school was closed for a short period; nevertheless it was reopened again in 1947 under the able Headmastership of Mr. H. Chinlang. Regrettably, the Headmaster died in 1948 and Rev. Paul Rostad succeeded him and served till he returned home to USA. Then, the NEIGM (later known as Evangelical Congregational Church of India, ECCI) changed the name of the school to ‘Rostad Memorial High School’ in honour of the founding father Rev. Rostad. In 1965, the school was upgraded to High School level. The ECCI relocated the school along with their Headquarters again from Old Churachand to Nehru Marg (Rengkai) Lamka. The school building was burnt into flame during the gang riots in 1990. Then onwards, the school was undergoing undisclosed adversities of all kinds. Again the school suffers another drawback in the year 1997 due to communal riots. As the school could not be run properly due to political and communal tension, the Executive Committee of the ECCI, who run the school decided to sale off the school’s property with its Recognition of BSEM. By  knowing the fact, the EOC (Presbyterian) thoughtfully bought the recognition and some of its property and furniture by Rs 15,000/- in 2000 AD. The School was started again by the EOC (P) in 2001 at its present location with a lot of achievements. The EOC (P) was fully absorbed into the Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod, on the 17th Feb 2008. Then onwards, the school is wholly managed, governed and owned by the Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod: Manipur Area.

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