1. Games and sports:

Inter-house competitions are held regularly in such activities like Quiz, Debate, Extempore speech, Recitation etc.Games and Sports meet is conducted in the season of Autumn every year, to develop the children’s talent in sports and to keep them physically and mentally active. Every effort is made to draw out the hidden talents of a child through these co-curricular activities.





II. Evangelistic meetings:

The school has its annual Evangelistic Meet to teach spiritual lessons to the children, to acquire heavenly wisdom and to restore the image of God in each student. This meet also aim to instill Christ-like character and honouring God by abstaining all that are harmful for the body and soul. Counselingare also held for the needy ones. In order to lay a strong moral foundation based on Christian faith and belief, musical entertainments, competitions and challenges are set for the students.


III. Devotion Service:

The School Conduct devotion service every Monday & Thursday before class begin, that give the students the opportunity to engage in learning Christian Stewardship. A separate devotion service for teachers is held every Tuesday and Thursday after School.

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